Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dollar Tree has $1 Flat Rate Shipping!! Begins 12/14

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red and brown gift bags with snowflake tags and white tissue paper
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     Just in time to get that final bit of holiday shopping handled, Dollar Tree has $1 flat rate shipping. The deal lasts for 4 days, from 12/14/18 to 12/17/18. This is a great time to grab those last minute stocking stuffers to add to your bundles, get some gift wrapping supplies, or pick up some craft items to keep the kids or grandkids busy while they are visiting. Don't forget that some stores offer free shipping to the store so you can pick up your items there. Look for the symbol that says Pick-and-Pack to mix and match your order. Hurry and take advantage of this great deal on shipping before it's gone.

Monday, December 10, 2018

6 Apps I Use To Save While Grocery Shopping

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 I was working on adding receipts to apps the last time I went grocery shopping and I realized that I have gotten the routine down pat after doing this for a while now. I have apps that I use every shopping trip to get savings. If my phone dies or I forget to check something, then I might miss out on a deal. I try to keep it charged and stick to the plan. It has worked so well that I don't know what I'd do without it. Every little bit helps and you never know when a gift card or PayPal transfer could save the day.

1.      Flipp app- I check this app throughout the week to see what's on sale or advertised (which means featured but not necessarily on sale). If more stores had digital coupons (looking at you Walmart) then I would never need to get the Sunday paper ever again.
         With Flipp, you can add store advertisements to your favorites and they are updated as new advertisements come out. Be sure to check the start and end dates so you're on the right week because they also have previews for some stores that let you see next week's sales. You can click items in some ads and it will circle them and add them to your shopping list within the app. This way, when you go to the store you have a digital shopping list with your items added and the prices are there for you as well. I love that stores like Family Dollar tell you which items have digital coupons to lower the price.  There are things you can do with coupons in the app too, but I don't have a printer and I don't want to sign in to the app through Facebook or Google (I usually set up email sign-in only and Flipp doesn't seem to have this.). I only use the ads and the list feature. One week I made the mistake of thinking that one of the bottles of laundry detergent on my list was an Ibotta rebate and it wasn't. I had seen it in the Flipp app in a Family Dollar advertisement. I bought it at Walmart and missed out on $2 in savings but I was able to catch it at a later date. I have to check the app and keep a good list of what's on sale and what digital coupons are available at what stores to get the best deals.

2 Ibotta-- I check Ibotta at the end of the week close to grocery shopping days and select the deals I plan to buy. Once I get back from shopping, I check my receipts and merchandise for anything I may have gotten on the Ibotta list. I add my receipts and watch the account add up. Before I do any online shopping I also compare the percentage of cash back on Ibotta, Ebates, and Samsung Pay because they all offer cash back for shopping at selected stores. I have gotten hundreds in cash back over the years on Ibotta and it is my absolute favorite shopping and rebate app ever. If you don't have this app and you want to save money/earn cash back then join my team with referral code jrjbbb and you can earn extra bonus points with me.

3 Receipt Hog- With Receipt Hog, I cannot scan the barcode or QR code to add the receipt. I have to take a picture of the whole thing so I do this after ones with a QR code. With Receipt Hog you get points for each receipt based on how much you spend and they add up to PayPal or Amazon gift card payouts. I think you can get digital Visa gift cards as well now but I only cash out to PayPal because it is easy and convenient for me. I love Receipt Hog because they also send surveys offering extra points (usually 40 or more points) for answering questions about your recent purchases. They also offer a spin bonus when you scan receipts for each week and move up levels. You pull the slot machine lever and get even more points.

4 Fetch Rewards-  Fetch rewards lets you scan receipts similar to Receipt Hog. There are a lot more rewards than on RH though. I like to cash out for Target e-gift cards on this one. It takes a while to accumulate enough points for a payout, 3000 points = $3 gift card, but keep scanning those receipts and it will certainly pay off. Use my referral code C9QFR to join and get a head start on those points.

5 app- With you can print coupons from your mobile phone. Since I don't have a printer, I use the digital rebate coupons and have cash back from the coupon rebates sent to my PayPal account. All I have to do is purchase items added to my list and then scan the receipt and within 5 days the rebate money is added to my account. With stores that have loyalty cards, for me that's Giant Food and Walgreens, it becomes especially convenient. I add loyalty cards to the app and then click on the coupons I want to use. The coupons act as digital coupons and when I scan my loyalty card at the register, it comes off of the total automatically. I love this app as well, I just wish more stores in my area were in it.

6 Checkout 51I had this app years ago and I got frustrated because there were not enough brand names at the time and I felt like it was taking me forever to cash out. I decided to start using it again a little while ago as I saw more sales matchups for things in the app. So far so good. It works like Ibotta except you don't have to go to specific stores unless the item calls for it. This makes it easier to maximize your savings because you have more places where you can purchase an item and claim the cash back. Items repeat often as well so that's good if you miss a deal one week and can get it the next. With Checkout 51, your rebates go into your Checkout 51 account and you can cash out once you get $20. They send you a check.

     These are the apps I check every week before I go grocery shopping to make sure I am getting the best deals. Shop around for the best deals with Flipp and use your rebate apps to get even more back. What apps do you use? Share in the comments.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas for 2018

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LSB holiday gift guide in black letters, red gift boxes sitting in snow

     Shopping online has been convenient for me over the last few years. I place orders on my mobile phone, get coupon codes from shopping apps like Retail Me Not and coupon blogs, and I shop in the comfort of my home without dealing with crowds, lines, and my kid running all over the place. One of my favorite sites to shop on is eBay. You can find lots of rare vintage items, designer items, hard to find must-have items, electronics, craft items, and pretty much anything under the sun on eBay. When people think of eBay, they usually think of bidding against other buyers in an auction, but it is so much more than that. You can buy direct without bidding and you can even make offers on some items to influence pricing. I like that I can use my PayPal account to check out and take advantage of the perks offered by PayPal like having shipping costs refunded when do a return. I also get buyer protection. I can't use PayPal on Amazon. Here are some gift ideas I found on eBay.

For Him

      Skull Shot Glasses add an edgy touch to entertaining. These shot glasses would be great for Halloween and would look really cool with different colors of liqueur in them. Gifting with the recipient's favorite whiskey or tequila would make a nice bundle. 

     Drones are fun to play with. They can also be a helpful tool for those with photography and videography as a hobby or profession. This drone has a camera for capturing some pretty awesome aerial views. You could get creative when capturing photos or video at your next outdoor event. 

     Funko Pop novelty figures are so cute and collectible. The great thing about these is that they have so many for lots of different fandoms. They have Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts, Supernatural, and many many more. If there's a fandom then there are probably Funko figures for them somewhere. 

For Her

     I find the women in my life easier to shop for than the men. I also find myself wanting to buy myself the same things I'm buying them. Fun and relaxing products like bath bombs or skin lotions make good gifts. I once got a gift set of 5 or 6 different scented hand creams that lasted me all year long. It was a simple gift that I really enjoyed. Makeup brushes and nail kits are also popular gifts.  I don't wear a lot of makeup but on the occasions that I do, I like to have nice brushes to apply it. I do my nails at home every week and rarely ever get salon manicures so getting nail polish sets helps me save money and keep my nails looking cute. Here are some ideas for her. 

     20 Piece Pro Mermaid Glitter Makeup Brushes-- These mermaid makeup brushes are adorable. As YouTube makeup tutorials and branded cosmetics lines become more popular, so do the accessories to get the perfect makeup looks. Wet N Wild also puts out a popular brush set during the holidays that sells quickly. 
     Opi Nail Polish Breakfast at Tiffany's Kit -- Twenty-five mini nail polish bottles of OPI would last me for quite a while. OPI is pretty pigmented and one-coat polish for me. I never really use a top coat with it and it lasts 5-7 days for me without one. I love Audrey Hepburn and this would be a hit for me as Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite films and I use nail polish on a weekly basis. Other brands such as China Glaze also have holiday collections and gift sets.

     Handbags make nice gifts but they can be hard to buy for other people. If you know what her style is then it's easier. I like totes because they are carryalls. I would say you can't go wrong with a tote. Know someone who only carries a small purse? A cross body bag with a long strap is a good choice or even a mini-backpack.

     I love getting and giving jewelry as a gift. If you want to give jewelry to someone who isn't into flashy things Alex and Ani is a good brand for sentimental items. You can get bracelets with charms that represent things that are special to them. It's not cluttered like the Pandora bracelets are but rather minimalist with usually no more than about 2 charms per piece depending on what you buy. They have everything from Disney and Harry Potter to pet lovers and stargazers and more. I got my mom one last year and she loves it. The packaging is really cute also. 


     Toy trends are constantly changing and this year is no different. Now that the fidget spinner craze has died down a bit and so-called hoover boards have become less popular (but they're still everywhere) what are the popular toys on lists this year? The JoJo Siwa My Life Doll is a popular item that sells out quickly in stores. The Dance Mom's alum also has clothes and hair bows out that are trendy and cute. Fingerlings, Hatchimals, Legos, and L.O.L Surprise dolls are popular as well. Popular YouTubers Blippi and Ryan from Ryan Toys Review also have toys available.
     Clothes are a good practical gift for children. They outgrow things so quickly that it's usually a good idea to go a size up when you buy so that you might get another winter out of things. Buy staples like underwear, socks, jeans, and character tees. If you wait till January to buy coats and boots, you might find a lot of better deals as the stores mark down winter goods to make room for spring/summer items.
     Last up on the list for kids are games and books. Make education fun with educational books and games. Workbooks, easy readers, puzzles and learning games are great choices. Game night is not just for kids though. Classic board game Monopoly now has a Fortnite Edition and a hard to find Millennial Edition. Both are hot items this season. 


     Books are fun to get and give as gifts. When giving books as gifts, you should make sure you choose something that the recipient would like and not be offended by. In other words, stay away from self-help books unless the person has said that they want that book. Ask them if they have anything they have been wanting to read and buy that. 
     Comfort and downtime to relax are important. Weighted blankets are popular this year. They are supposed to help with sleep and be calming to people with anxiety. I haven't used one yet but I would like to. Rest is important and since this simulates a snug feeling then I assume it would work to an extent. Sherpa and fleece throws are good items to pick up this time of year. You can never have too many blankets, either for yourself or guests.
     While we are on the subject of relaxing, robes and comfy pajamas would make my list as well. Lounging after a long day and taking the time to unwind is important. Pair a nice robe with a cute mug and a box of good tea or coffee and you have a nice bundled gift perfect for a relaxing evening in. 

     This should give you some ideas for gifts to get the people on your list. For more ideas and deals check out

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Find Cyber Monday Savings With Retail Me Not

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Person typing on a laptop computer
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     Download the Retail Me Not app for cash back in store when you link a credit or debit card and use your card in selected stores. Check the app and Retail Me Not emails daily for the best deals and coupon codes to use online. Never miss a coupon code with the Retail Me Not Genie Chrome extension. It takes less than 5 minutes to add it to Chrome and when you shop online, just click the logo in your toolbar on a site and it will let you know if there is a coupon code or cash back available for the store you are shopping at. Add the codes from the genie or the app when you check out and get your savings. Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Dollar Tree Has $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping Till 11.24.18

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For a limited time Dollar Tree has flat rate shipping for $4.95. Now would be a good time to stock up on stocking stuffers, order some things for care packages, put together gift bundles, or get your craft items before they sell out.

Enjoy $4.95 Flat Rate Shipping!

Hurry because the deal ends on 11.24 at 6am Eastern Time.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Making it through Black Friday when you don't like crowds

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Child kneeling in the middle of the floor in a mall
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     It's that time of year again. Time to get up at the crack of dawn, plan your shopping journey like you're planning a covert mission complete with walkie-talkies, synchronized watches, and phones ready to text and scan barcodes. Yep, you go do that. You got this! I'm going to be right here in bed, with my phone, checking deals that last all day and online-only deals, sipping on some coffee. It's not that I don't love a good sale, truly I do, I just hate getting up early and I hate large crowds so this day is really not for me. So how do I do Black Friday without the drama?

  1. Online Shopping-  Online shopping saves me during the holidays. I hate shopping when I have to worry about parking lots and tons of people. Having worked in insurance for several years I have seen and heard horror stories about parking lot accidents and thefts from vehicles. I hate the crowds and long lines too. I prefer to shop online. In previous years I have done almost all of my online shopping on Amazon. I canceled Prime this year and have been prepared to shop other stores and do in-store pick up. Amazon is now offering free shipping on orders to everyone, Prime or not so I will compare prices there and maybe still get some things there. has $3.99 flat rate shipping on items up to $25 and free shipping over $25. I will have to check them out as well. 
  2.  Rebate apps- I don't worry about missing early bird specials and doorbusters because I get cash back when shopping online using Ibotta (join using jrjbbb to claim rebates on my team) or Ebates. Ibotta has a section for cash back both in-store and online in retail stores. It's not only a grocery shopping rebate app. Sometimes Ebates has a better deal and sometimes Ibotta does. Check out who has more cash back at your chosen store and go through their link. With Ibotta, cash out to PayPal or get a gift card with your rebate cash. Ebates sends you a check or PayPal deposit when you earn over $5 cash back. 
  3. Ship-to-store- If you have problems with stolen packages and that's why you don't like to shop online, shopping online and having items shipped to the store for pick-up is what you need. This is also great when you have to shop with small children. I love Target but my daughter wants everything in the store every time we go there. I don't like having to arrange for a family member to watch her just so I can go shopping. I recently made a purchase for myself and did in-store pick up. I went to customer service and picked up my items and was in and out within 10 minutes with my daughter with me. That has to be a record for me in Target. I got what I wanted and didn't have to deal with any meltdowns over toys or Starbucks. I love it! I will certainly do it again soon. I have had issues with Walmart in-store pick up so I just ordered from them and had it shipped to my home. That was more efficient for me. 
  4. Shop late in the day- Shopping later in the day doesn't mean that you miss all of the deals. You will probably miss the so-called doorbusters but you can still get good deals later in the day. The lines will die down and a fresh set of cashiers will be on hand so lines should not be so long. If I have to go out, I try to do so after noon so I am not dealing with crowds.
  5. The Truth- Black Friday isn't even the cheapest shopping day of the year. Depending on what you are buying, there is a best time to buy everything. Phones are best to purchase in spring a week or so after new ones are released (whenever the newer versions come out, the price on older versions drops dramatically so the best time to get the iPhone XR cheap would be when the 2019 version is released). The best time to buy winter clothing accessories (gloves, hats, scarves) in January when everything is being marked down and replaced with spring due to the retail cycle. The best time to buy a TV is not necessarily Black Friday. Again, Spring is the best time and Super Bowl time. New models come out then and current models are priced to move (I sound like a car salesman). Many stores will get in appliances from off brands that they don't usually sell and these items come in only for Black Friday to make it look like they are great deals. These TVs often are lower quality and don't have the same features as bigger names like the Sony or Samsung models so they seem like a great deal. I will never forget working in Kmart years ago and having people fight over the 3 TV's we got in for Black Friday and people asking for rainchecks. No rainchecks were given because they were not regularly stocked items. When comparing prices between stores on items, always match up the UPC codes or item numbers to verify you are comparing the correct items. 
     I'm looking forward to seeing what bargains these stores have to offer. I also am planning to check out stores like Ross, Marshall's, Ollie's, and Big Lots that offer deep discounts all the time. Happy shopping and stay safe.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Winter skin care items fit for your budget

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2 oz tube of Udderly Smooth hand cream
Udderly Smooth Hand Cream 2 oz
Photo by Lorisa Griffith

     The fall is already taking a toll on my skin. I notice that my lips are drier and I am using a lot of lip glosses, balms, and Chapstick throughout the day. I have to reapply lotion to my hands and arms a lot throughout the day as well. I have a thing about not having dry hands when I'm using my computer or writing. Now's the time to stock up on moisturizers and protect your skin. Dollar Tree has been my go-to store for inexpensive options for skin care. Here are a few things I like to get to keep my skin moisturized. Keep in mind that not all Dollar Tree stores carry the same items, but if you can find the items online you can buy them there and in some cases, you can have them shipped to your local store.

3 containers of skin moisturizing products
Body lotion, face cream, and body wash from Dollar Tree
Photo by Lorisa Griffith


      Starting your skin care routine in the winter with a good moisturizing body wash or soap is important. Using a moisturizing body wash followed by a good moisturizing lotion will help protect your skin from the drying cold. I like the large Klar & Danver 20 oz Cherry Blossom body wash. That's a lot of body wash for $1. It works great on my skin without leaving residue or making my skin feel tight and it has a pleasant scent.  
     As far as lotions go, I need a moisturizing lotion that has a mild scent and is moisturizing without being greasy or runny. Dollar Tree has some good cocoa butter and shea butter lotions for this that are not name-brand. One of my favorites is just called Shea Butter Body Lotion and is in a relatively plain bottle. It has a pleasant fragrance and is very emollient. It's great to use right after a shower or bath to seal in moisture. The ones that are name brand are great as well. I've found small tubes of Jergens that I like to keep in my purse and full-size bottles of Dermasil. I like Udderly Smooth lotion in trial size because it fits great in my laptop bag and purse. Udderly Smooth is another one that is emollient without being greasy and it has a very light scent. Some stores get Dove beauty cream jars in trial sizes as well. You never know what you'll find at Dollar Tree.


     There is a great selection of lip balm at Dollar Tree. There are also moisturizing glosses that are good alone or with lip balm. For the treatment of dry lips, I look for Carmex, Vaseline, or Chapstick brands. Revo and Chapet also have cute little lip balms that I get when I can't find the other brands. I don't like them as much as the Carmex or Chapstick but they still work well.
     I have found tinted lip balms by e.l.f. and L.A. Colors that give a little bit of color to your lips while moisturizing them as well. Using moisturizing lip balm and lipsticks will help you keep your lips smooth throughout the dry cold winter. 


     I was surprised to find that Dollar Tree sells Dermasil Labs Day and Night Facial Creams. I bought one of each. I use it every day and it works great for me. I don't wear makeup often and I need a good moisturizer whether I am wearing makeup or not. I don't need to use a lot at all so one tube lasts a long while for me. 

     Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be expensive or a tedious chore. If you find products that work for you and are simple to add to your routine, you can fight winter dryness and keep your skin glowing all year around. Look for products with shea butter, cocoa butter, and mineral oil because they are great for keeping skin moisturized. From Nov. 14-Nov 15 at  $1 Flat Rate Shipping 2 days only.

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